Languages Having FUN! and Staying Safe

Having FUN! and Staying Safe delivered in English, French, German, Spanish and Mandarin

Having FUN! and Staying Safe at a Muslim Girls School

We have some fun learning practical assertive and personal safety techniques

Personal Safety Talk at Barnsley College

An interactive session at a further education college

DCP Be Inspiring Pledge

Ask us to visit your school to talk about defeating bullying & children's Personal Safety

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FREE short Assembly Talks available - ask us for details.  We delivered free assertiveness, confidence and anti-bullying talks to more than 2012 children between 2008 and 2012 .

Ideas for Anti-Bullying Week 2012 theme We're better without Bullying"

Click here for an outline of what we do at schools and colleges.

Free Top Tips on Handling Verbal Abuse for the 2011 Anti-Bullying Week theme

" I would just like to add that the approach you used with the learners was excellent and very engaging".

“I will definitely use your tips in the future".  “This was very interesting……..he kept us interested all the way……..he kept things real and he made sure we all got involved. It was interesting to learn about passive/aggressive and the four stages of awareness.”   "All the learners would like to know more about dealing with confrontational situations without putting themselves in danger."

 "Was a good laugh".  "Brilliant, really enjoyed it, useful information given.

MADMAXMAN™ was good". "The event was good and helped me learn new ways of being assertive". "Learnt a lot about what to do when under pressure." "Good presentation of complicated topic.  Useful tips." "Very interesting and fun, I learnt a lot today Thanx!"

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